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Far East Land Bridge as a member of RZDL group is specialized in transporting 40ft DV, 40ft HC and 20ft containers from the Far East (China, South Korea and Japan) to Russia/Europe and vice versa using the Trans-Siberian railway connection. Our clients can gain significant financial advantages from the short transit time of 14-22 days (depending on volume and relation).

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The Trans-Siberian railway is connecting Europe and China, extending the wide gauge network over 9.500 km through Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.


How To Start

In our service is included the usage of our own 20ft, 40ft DV and 40ftHC container equipment, More than 6.500 containers are used in our service.



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China – Georgia Railing

Far East Land Bridge, as a member of UTLC, has the ambitious aim to establish a new service line: Weekly block-trains from Suzhou (Shanghai Area) to Poti (South-East Europe).
The main purpose is to open a new gate for a speed train service with 14 days transit time, serving from Poti all surrounding countries: mainly Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and others.
The project is still at the stage of negotiations, but it is already clear that within the 3rd quarter of 2015 the first trail train will arrive in Poti, furthermore planning to start with a regular service in September 2015.
The reason why we have chosen Poti as arrival terminal, is to keep flexibility and fast delivery to various destinations, offering many options for the last mile.
The expected SOC rate level will be of around 6.400-6.700 USD per 40ft including our security service, covering the whole route through China, Russia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.


Transit time: 3 – 7 days, Limited weight per unit, Very expensive, Not suitable for regular business, High carbon footprint

Distance: 11.000 km, Transit-time: 2-3 weeks, High frequency of shipments, Less number of containers per shipment, High level of flexibility, Terminals at the border stations, Environment friendly

Distance: 20.000 km, Transit time: 4-5 weeks, Limited weight per unit, Slow steaming, Unstable rates, Different climate zones

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